First Guests accommodated

The first guests have been enjoying the facilities of the newly opened Wellingborough Night Shelter.

We offer a warm welcome, a safe warm environment where guests can enjoy a meal, a bed and breakfast and great friendship.

Touchingly but tinged with sadness, our first guests have referred to the Night Shelter as their new ‘home’.

Being homeless in Wellingborough during the cold winter nights doesn’t need to mean a night on the streets. We will welcome all guests who have registered in advance [details here] and you don’t have to book each night in advance.

Check the calendar each day to see whether we are open that night. If you have registered and want to stay that night, just pop down between 8.00 and 9.00pm.

Provided that we aren’t full, guests can be sure of a warm welcome and some hot food with not a penny charged for the night.

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