Volunteer Investment

We are now into our 4th week of the winter 2019-20 season. Approximately 30 guests are now registered to attend the Night Shelter.

Wellingborough Homeless Forum has invested heavily into the fabric of the building as well as training and DBS validation of many volunteers. Sadly whilst we have approximately 50 volunteers overall, we are still having some issues filling all shifts. We are relying upon a core of all the volunteer list to fill the majority of the shifts. That is not sustainable and sadly in week 4 we shall only open six nights out of seven.

We are making an appeal to all registered volunteers to consider whether you may be able to commit to a greater involvement in return for the investment that the Forum has made in you. With all volunteers playing an equitable part in running the night shelter, we hope to avoid burn out or drop out from some of our busier volunteers.

From 2018-19 operating in a roving night shelter, we now have a permanent location .. THE Wellingborough Night Shelter, now open six nights a week (subject to volunteer availability). With your help, we can open 7 nights; therefore, if you feel that you can offer an extra shift here or there, please email admin@whfvolunteers.org.uk and Amanda will look to organise your extra shift(s).

If you haven’t already volunteered to take some shifts at the Night Shelter, then please consider whether you could give up some of your time. You can register your interest here.

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