Wellingborough SWEP

Wellingborough Homeless Forum would like to make people aware about SWEP. Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) is a standing policy available on the Wellingborough Borough Council website – download here

Wellingborough Borough Council will only invoke its own Severe Weather Emergency Protocol when temperatures are forecast to consistently fall to freezing. In essence, temperatures must be forecast to be 0 degrees or below on three or more consecutive nights.

When that happens, the Council will provide suitable accommodation during the SWEP period. This help will be provided even when help might otherwise be refused.

Wellingborough Homeless Forum does not judge people based upon their past life, mistakes or misfortunes. Nor do we think it acceptable to live on the streets most of winter, just because the temperature is hovering above freezing by the tiniest amount.

If you are homeless in Wellingborough, don’t wait for SWEP to provide a bed for the night. The homeless can stay in the Wellingborough Night Shelter each and every night that we are open during winter. Unlike SWEP, the Wellingborough Homeless Forum will also provide you with a hot meal and breakfast.

All you have to do is register in advance and you can have a bed through 31st March 2020.

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